Established 2002 and have been in the trade since 1998.

"Built up on Quality"

Resource our products carefully:
  • Buy fish from sustainable sources.
  • Buy our potatoes from UK farmers.
  • All our products are none GM
We use our own tried and tested batter and oil (100% vegetable oil)

Our batter is a combination of flours and only known to us, it's our own special recipe.

We use frozen at sea cod and haddock. This is fish that is caught and processed at sea on the trawler within 4 hours of being caught, sealing the taste within.

Potatoes are sourced throughout the year from farmers who we have used over a number of years guaranteeing us a good quality potato that is best for producing superior quality chips, peeled daily and no additives give a pure natural taste.

Our peas are soaked and cooked on the premises, from dry marrow fat peas, keeping them sinple and natural to taste their best.

Curry and gravy are both suitable for vegetarians.

Pies are locally sourced from a long established bakery who theselves thrive to produce a quality product ensuring us consitency.

Barmcakes are delivered daily and purchased from a local bakery keeping the local economy thriving.

All in all we have developed an excellent relationship with all our suppliers to ensure we receive the best quality products helping us to produce the superior products which we have worked consistently on improving over the years.

  • Worked for a minimum of years.
  • All live locally
  • Thrive on customer satifaction.
  • Enjoy customers company.
  • Developed their own friendly relationships with customers.
We have acheived a 5 star rating from Preston City Council ever since the "Scores on the Doors" scheme was launched 5 years ago.

Seafish frier Quality Award holder for a number of years.